Brilliant General Building
Construction Pte Ltd
TCH Tech Centre #04-02/03
71 Toh Guan Road East
Singapore 608598

Tel: 6268 3138
Fax: 6268 3262

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision    – To be the preferred leading contractor of choice.

Mission – To strive towards excellence in serving our clients professionally and to seek continuous improvement on delivering quality workmanship.

Values   – To treat each person according to his/her needs, consistent with the needs of the business and rights of others.

                  To serve the needs of the community.

                  To meet our objectives only through the highest standards of honesty and candour which are expected of us.


BRILLIANT GENERAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD holds fast to her policy statement of



With a united vision, the employees of the Company to strive towards excellence in serving our clients professionally. Ever since attaining our ISO certification from the BCA, Brilliant constantly seeks to improve on delivering quality workmanship and materials.

With the support of our clients and suppliers, the Company aims to grow to become a leading contractor in the near future. Brilliant has also expanded into the vibrant East Asia and the Oceania Region in industries related to building and construction. The Company is looking forward to diversify itself into other trades in the near future.

As our human capital is our key to success, the Company is constantly searching for qualified and diligent staff who share the same vision as the Company. With much support from our personnel, only then are we able to achieve and deliver better services to our clients.